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  • What’s The Best Location For My Event?

    Choosing a suitable place for a private function or event, or even just a birthday party, is one of those things you should do well in advance. There are a few reasons for this, but the main advantage of having your location locked on is that this allows you to have something to act as a base to build upon. Additionally, when you have your final location selected, you can move to advanced stages of your planning with ease.

    Choosing a location for your event or party depends on a lot of factors, including your needs and what you want your event to look like. Remember that there exist many suitable locations for all kinds of events, ranging from large reception halls and restaurants to something more unique like a fancy cocktail bar. Whatever venue you have in mind, given below are a few key factors to consider when selecting one:

    • Total Budget – Your budget will most likely dictate whether you can go for the high-end private function venue out there, even though you don’t necessarily need to spend a lot of money on renting an event venue. If you are short on money, try to go for the cheaper venues, as spending too much money on renting a luxury location will leave you with insufficient funds for everything else.
    • Ease of Travelling – Your selected location should be located somewhere easy to reach and nearby to most guests’ locations. Choosing a faraway location might sound like a good idea at first, but only do this if you planning to host your event on a holiday, otherwise your event might suffer from a low total attendance rate.
    • Available Space – The venue should be large enough to accommodate all of your guests without problems. While smaller events can be held pretty much anywhere you can think of, large scale ones will need you to find a suitable venue, complete with a large hall, catering area and lobby. Remember to also consider about parking space if most of your guests will be attending your event using their own private transportation methods.
    • Offered Services – Most function venues will provide extra services not limited to just renting the place, provided that you specifically ask for them to do so. Some such services include catering, music and DJ facilities, clean-up post event, etc. This may help you save some money which you would otherwise spend on providing the same kind of services by hiring other external entities.
    • Security – While you don’t find this factor mentioned often when talking about venue selection for events, it is quite important to ensure that your selected venue has all necessary security measures (safety guards or doors) to prevent outsiders from being able to gain access and cause undesirable situations.